Buzzing with Gratitude: TDROP Donation Helps Power ThetaPollinator’s Mission!

2 min readDec 15, 2023

Buzzing with Gratitude

A huge hive-five to @ThetaLeviathan for his incredible 50k TDROP donation to ThetaPollinator! ThetaLeviathan, a true pollinator, champion of the Theta Network’s transformative potential and an OG Thetazilla. His generosity fuels our mission to make Theta a household name.

This pollen boost will blossom into:

  • Captivating research content: Imagine deep dives, explainer videos, and data visualizations— all buzzing with Theta knowledge!
  • Supporting community events: Get ready for meet-ups, hackathons, and workshops where Theta enthusiasts connect, collaborate, and ignite innovation. ThetaPollinator is a proud supporter of ThetaCon and will look to leverage the Hive’s many talents in support of this landmark annual event.
  • Influencer collaborations: We’re teaming up with key voices to spread the Theta Network word like wildfire across the Web3 landscape.

But this hive thrives on collective action! So, tell us:

  • What gets your wings beating about Theta’s future? Is it decentralized video streaming? Revolutionizing data delivery? Share your vision and join the mission!
  • Ready to join the pollination party? Head over to and follow us on X (@thetapollinator) to discover ways to get involved.

Together, let’s make Theta the queen bee of Web3!

Bonus: Remember ThetaPollinator’s new Validator Node? It’s humming away thanks to @fuelfoundry, joining forces with other community-run nodes to strengthen the Theta ecosystem.

Got extra $TFUEL? Consider staking to the FuelFoundry EdgeCloud below:

More buzz, more growth!




Theta Pollinator is a federated marketing initiative to help create awareness and education within the Theta Network ecosystem.